Lionheart Christian Academy

Lionheart Ministries

Lionheart Ministries is an independent Ministry that is incorporated through Gospel Ministers and Churches International (GMCI). This means, that we are a legal Non-profit Christian Organization covered under the  IRS Code. We have our official IRS Code 501c(3) Group Tax Exemption and IRS Tax Identification Number. This entitles you to receive a tax deduction for donations to Lionheart Ministries.

Lionheart Ministries is made up of three divisions.

1.     Lionheart Ministerial Fellowship

The fellowship provides licensing and ordination services for ministers associated with the fellowship. License and ordination can be obtained in any area of ministry.

2.     Lionheart Christian Church

Lionheart Christian Church is an Independent Church meeting at 15726 East Limestone Road in Athens, Al. The church offers a wide range of family church activities and ministries.

3.     Lionheart Christian Academy 

This provides a variety of subjects as student needs are identified to aid the parent in teaching their child. Our primary focus has been for Arts & Music Education but we are expanding as facilities and need dictate.  These classes will always be open to any Homeschooler regardless of Homeschool Covering or Affiliation. 

The North Alabama Area is growing. Due to the Base Realignment Committee (BRAC) relocating thousands of jobs to Redstone Arsenal, Lionheart Christian Academy is restructuring to meet the demand for increase request for homeschool classes. In the 2013 – 2014 School Year, LCA will transition to digital records and transcripts. Information on how to access the system, record grades and download records will be made available later in the school year

Lionheart Christian Academy Vision Statement:

  1. To provide a God-centered, Christ-honoring education with a Bible-centered curriculum in a positive learning environment that promotes a Christian world and life view.
  2. To teach the Bible as God's inspired work emphasizing its application to every area of life.
  3. To inculcate pupils with a desire to know and obey the will of God as revealed in the Scriptures.
  4. To lead pupils to confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and then on to responsible Christian maturity.
  5. To impart an understanding of the Christian's role in the church and its worldwide mission of witnessing, evangelism and discipleship, and to stimulate interest and involvement in this mission.
  6. To encourage, support and give guidance to the Christian home, to aid families in Christian growth, to cooperate with parents in every phase of developing their children, and to encourage parents to understand and bear their responsibility of educating and training their children.
  7. To promote high academic standards and help pupils realize their full potential.
  8. To help pupils gain a thorough comprehension and command of the fundamentals of interpersonal communication with an emphasis on reading, writing, speaking, listening, and arithmetic.
  9. To teach and encourage good study habits; to teach pupils to work independently and cooperatively, reason logically, apply themselves and fulfill their responsibilities.
  10. To provide activities designed to arouse curiosity, stimulate creativity, enrich understanding and foster an appreciation of the arts.
  11. To promote good citizenship through the development of an understanding appreciation of the American heritage and Christian tradition of responsible freedom, human dignity and acceptance of authority.
  12. To bring the joy of God’s music and knowledge to God’s children.