• Beginning Band- Offered to students in grades 4-12.

  • Intermediate Band- Offered to students upon successfully completing beginning band.

  • Advanced Band- Offered to students upon completing intermediate band.

Beginning Band Requirements:

  • Students will need an instrument, Yamaha Beginning Band Book 1, Standard of Excellence Theory Book 1 , and Music Stand

  • Saxophone players will need 2 1/2 strength reed . The following brands are acceptable Rico Royal, Vandorin, and Legere.All saxophone players will need a rovner ligature.

  • Clarinet players will need a 3 strength reed. The following brands are acceptable: Rico Royal, Vandorin,Mitchel Lurie, and Legere. All clarinet players will need a Rovner ligarture.

  • Flute players will need a swab.

  • Brass Players will need a cleaning kit that includes valve oil.

  • Saxophone and Clarinet players will need cork grease and cleaning kit.

  • Percussionist will need a percussion kit .

Intermediate Band Requirements

  • All students will need Yamaha Book 2 and 3 for beginning band. They will need Standard of Excellence Book 2 Theory.

  • Woodwind Instruments will need to make sure they have at least 2 reeds at all times. Reed brand will be the same as beginning band.
  • Saxophone and clarinet players will need cork grease. Flute players will need a swab.

Advanced Band

  • All students will need the I Recommend Book , instrument, and music stand. NO STANDS WILL BE PROVIDED. If you do not bring one, you will not have a stand.

  • Woodwind Players are required to have 4 reeds at all times. The following brands are the only acceptable brands: Vandorin, Leggere, Mitchell Lurie, Grand Concert . NO Ricos will be accepted.No exceptions. Rovner Ligatures for all advanced players.

  • All students will need a pencil for rehearsal.

  • Brass players will need valve oil and tuning slide oil. A cloth will be needed for emptying condensation.

  • Woodwind players will need appropriate cleaning supplies.

Jazz Band

  • Essential Elements for Jazz.

  • A pencil for all rehearsals.

  • Music fee is required at Registration.

  • All members of the Jazz band are required to be a member of Advanced Band with the exception of Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Piano. Students that play these instruments are required to read music and will become a member by audition only

Band Calendar- See Events page.

All-State Band Auditions- January 26 and 27, 2018 at Sparkman High School

All-State Band Unassigned-January 13, 2018


 All-State Show Choir October 5-7

Honor Band Information

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